Het grootste verhuurplatform voor designer outfits
Inclusief verzend & stomerij kosten (t.w.v €24,-)
Ontvang voucher voor één ongedragen design per reservering
Inclusief verzend & stomerijkosten
Inclusief verzend & stomerij kosten (t.w.v €24,-)
Ontvang voucher voor één ongedragen item

Dressoir answers to market trends: the benefits of a shared economy are becoming more visible, and sustainability is more important than ever. Joining Dressoir as a brand or retailers means you are getting the most out of your brand’s potential.

With Dressoir you can start getting the most out of your collections. Dressoir offers you an add-on to your business model and a new revenue stream. Start sharing your items with a broader audience, and start giving your current client base extra benefits.

Way of working

Dressoir gives the customer the chance to select and try premium clothing for a set period of time (e.g. 8 days), for a set price. For example, a dress that would normally cost 400€ could be temporarily purchased for only 55€ for 8 days. After the rental period the customer has the chance of buying the item for a reduced price, or returning the item. Every time the item is issued, the next customer gets an even more reduced offer.

Benefits for brand

  • add-on to current business model by stepping into the rent-to-buy market

  • broader customer base by reaching customers who couldn’t afford the items before

  • loyalty program to current customers by offering special rent-to-buy prices

  • opportunity for sustainability concept in-company

Get in touch

Email us at: info@mydressoir.com

Visit us at: Fred. Roeskestraat 115 | 1076 EE Amsterdam

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My Dressoir geeft jou toegang tot de mooiste designer items voor elke gelegenheid voor een fractie van de prijs en zonder iets te kopen. Dat is goed voor je portemonnee en het milieu!


Kantoor: Keizersgracht 285 1016ED Amsterdam
Mail: hello@mydressoir.com

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